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  The number of foreclosed homes in California went up more than 20% in March. It was the second highest month for foreclosures nationally since the start of 2005. Nearly 65,000 California properties were in some stage of foreclosure last month. That rate was more than double that of second-place Florida and second only to Nevada. In the state of California, we're suffering from affordability issues. People overextended themselves financially to buy homes that they ultimately couldn't manage economically. Additionally, many used risky financing to secure their loans.

    Need Inspections ?

  Chuck Hasz Enterprises recognizes the need that lenders have to inspect foreclosed properties. We have designed an inspection process specifically for homes that are in foreclosure. This program will give you a complete inspection of the property from foundation to roof and an in depth neighborhood analysis. We will let you know if the landscape needs major work or is in fair or good condition. Need a new roof? We will let you know! We will also inform you regarding the condition of the interior and exterior painting, cabinet countertops, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and carpet installation.

    Monthly Inspections

  Most foreclosures need a monthly inspection for any type of damage, graffiti or vandalism. Chuck Hasz Enterprises will perform drive-by inspections at your request.## Need a contractor?# As many of you know, Hasz Companies president Mark Emmons has maintained his California General Contractor's B-1 license for many years. If your bank's asset needs either construction repair or deferred maintenance remediation, this could be quickly handled through coordination with our office. Mark's company maintains a host of trade subcontractors to accomplish any kind of work or maintenance needed. ## For more information please call or e-mail Mark Emmons president of Chuck Hasz Enterprises, Inc. and MS Emmons Construction at 818-999-0906, Ext.104 or marke@chei.net


SBA Fund Control & Disbursements

  The vast majority of our client lenders have active, fully staffed SBA Departments. We offer construction disbursement services for both conventional and SBA loan packages. Our SBA program is a voucher-based process wherein the actual construction invoices are paid by way of a payment voucher. All the features and benefits of the Hasz systems are present in the SBA programs. For 7(a) and 504 construction-related funds, our process tracks the funds all the way to the sub-contractor. Our fee schedule for SBA deals combines the disbursement fee and inspection fee both into one amount. Our fees may be paid progressively in accordance with job progress.

  We have been an active member of N.A.G.G.L. for many years. We have exhibited at both the mid-year and year-end Conferences. Cheryl Stone and her group always manage to "roll out" one of the best organized events of the year. We look forward to seeing many of our SBA friends at the next N.A.G.G.L. event.

For more information on fund control pricing for SBA loans, please call us at (818) 999-0906 , ext 104 or marke@chei.net.


Collateral Asset Inspections

  We have been conducting collateral asset inspections for many of our clients for several years. Our main objective is to give our clients a thorough updated inspection as to the status and condition of the property held as collateral.

  To begin the inspection process, a letter of authorization from the bank is required to allow us access to the property. A sample letter is available on request. We contact the borrower by telephone prior to the inspection in order to set a time for the visit. We request that a borrower representative walk us through the building.

  Our report details twenty five different areas of the property. These areas are then broken down into three categories : neighborhood, building and improvements. We also give an evaluation of the stability of the neighborhood. There is an accurate accounting of the parking area and condition of the parking surface. Occupied and vacant units are also accounted for during the inspection. A minimum of 6 pictures of the property are provided with the report. The photos include exterior front and back, the surrounding neighborhood and as many interior pictures as are necessary to give the bank a realistic view of the condition of the building.

  Lenders can access the inspection report and photos through our website at www.chei.net. A logon and password are required for entry into the secured portion of our website. The website provides the option of downloading and printing the report. Our network of inspectors is on call throughout the continental United States. This gives us the ability to schedule an inspection within 48 hours.

   For more information or to request a quote you can reach us by phone at 818-999-0906, or email at Michalm@chei.net

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Hasz Home Inspection provides you a peace of mind. A Hasz Home Inspection includes a visual and operational examination of more then 400 items both inside and outside the home - everything from the foundation to the roof. Our Quality inspectors are trained to meet and exceed the highest standards in the home inspection industry. Hasz professionals are trained to inspect a variety of small to medium sized residential, condominium and commercial property.
Updated March 29, 2017

A professional home inspection gives buyers valuable information about a prospective purchase and helps provide peace of mind. A Chuck Hasz Home inspection includes a visual and operational examination of more than 400 items both in and outside the home -- everything from the foundation to the roof. Our quality inspectors are trained to meet and exceed the highest standards in the home inspection industry. Hasz professionals are trained to inspect a variety of small to medium size residential and commercial properties. For an inspection on your home or commercial property: Call 818-999-0906 Hasz Home Inspections Mark Emmons President Senior Inspector
Updated March 27, 2017

The Small Business Administration released the long-awaited revisions to SOP 50-10. The latest version (version 5) became effective August 1, 2008. The new SOP was reduced in size from over 1,000 pages to 400 pages. SBA lenders from 8 different locations around the country helped write the modifications with the SBA’s assistance. This version should help streamline the loan application process. One of the major modifications relates to fund control. Chapter 5 section 6 on page 198 states: “SBA has granted a blanket waiver on the requirement of a performance bond when a third party in the business of providing management services controls the disbursement of the proceeds” The process and procedure utilized by Hasz Fund Control clearly conforms to the new version of the SOP. SBA managers and administrative specialists are urged to contact us at 818.999.0906 ext 104 so that we may further expand on how we may help you.
Updated August 12, 2008