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"Serving the constructionz lending community since 1987, The Hasz Companies continue to be the industry leader in innovative construction loan processing while always remaining focused on the needs of the community bankers. We build value into your organization through courteous service, timely delivery, and careful analysis."
The evolution of the Hasz Companies goes back over 20 years to the mid 1980's. At that time, Company founder Chuck Hasz was a senior construction lender at a community bank located in Los Angeles. Chuck worked with several outside fund controls, and while doing so he observed some of the inherent weaknesses that certain fund control systems presented. To remedy these weaknesses and, true to his entrepreneurial spirit, Chuck formed his own fund control and inspection company - Chuck Hasz Enterprises. With just himself and one employee, Chuck began developing relationships with area community banks and senior lenders whom he had worked with previously. Chuck's dedication to customer service remains the cornerstone of the company today.
In 2005, Chuck sold his company to Mark Emmons. Mark began working for Chuck in 1990 and he was one of the Company's first employees. Today, our staff remains committed to the original principles established by Chuck some 20 years ago. As a community bank service provider, we will treat each client lender with the personal attention and professionalism that is required in a successful business relationship.
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We live in dynamic times and at The Hasz Companies we continue to grow with the technological advances that become available.
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Updated September 13, 2019

Bi-Monthly Construction Inspections
Chuck Hasz Enterprise conducts bi monthly inspections on all of the construction projects that are assigned with fund control. Inspectors are assigned projects on a bi monthly basis where they drive to the projects assigned for that day. Inspections consist of meeting with and walking the job site with superintendent, when available, if he is not available the inspector walks the site on their own. The inspector takes pictures of current construction progress that has taken place since the last inspection. The inspector notes all site conditions, Job progress, Superintendent on site, Workers on site and materials stored. He then scores the construction cost breakdown for increases in construction progress line item by line item. Pictures and comments are sent to the main office and forwarded to the appropriate lender. See fee page for cost.
Updated September 25, 2018

Collateral Asset Inspections
Banks periodically need to have the collateral asset property inspected. We normally receive a list from a lender of the properties that are in need of a walk through inspection usually on a semiannual basis. Our office administration team contacts the owner of the property and sets up a time for our inspectors to walk the property usually with the owner or owner?s represenitive. Pictures of the asset are taken along with comments on the condition of the property. There are properties where there is no access to the interior of the building and only exterior pictures are required. These are sent to the lender of record. See fee page for cost.
Updated September 25, 2018